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Areas of Expertise


I am a specialist in the assessment and management of mental disorders including Clinical Depression, BPAD, Schizophrenia, Social and Generalized Anxiety etc. I am also an addiction psychiatrist specialist in the management of alcohol misuse/dependency, Illicit and Prescribed drugs dependencies and people with dual diagnosis.


I offer recovery focused assessment and management interventions that are non judgmental and person centered. I support my patients in their recovery journey towards abstinence from illicit  and prescribed drugs, alcohol, legal highs and other addictive behaviours.

Dual Diagnosis

This is an area that has a lot of stigma , people with co-existing mental illness and substance misuse are often left unsupported . I am an expert in the treatment of people with dual diagnosis. 

My Approach

I have a recovery focused approach . I believe there should be a collaborative approach , meaning my patients are very much involved in their treatment plans  and recovery. Keeping in mind, that mental illness not only affect the patients but also loved ones hence working with other like minded colleagues, a holistic approach to treatment and support is offered.

I am a consultant with visiting privileges to the Priory Chelmsford , therefore I have access to a well resourced and established pool of clinicians.

My Approach
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